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For chrissake, what kind of greeting is this! Vasundhara Raje Scindia meets Kiran Mazumdar Shaw! A CM lip-locking with corporate czarina! Heck yeah, desi Madonna-Britney!

I thought kissing on the cheek was protocol, and looked decent too! But THIS is strangely obscene! Something like the initial titillation of a 50-plus lesbian porn! Yikes! I’ve been disgusted since morning, alongwith everyone else of the male fraternity on my floor who’s seen this splashed on TOI frontpage!


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tim tim lak lak …


I’m in possession of a potential money-spinner software since this evening. It’s called turn-your-pirated-windows-to-original aka up-Microsoft’s! Yeah, it’s a small registry item that when added (effortlessly) to your system registry, validates your copy of Windows as genuine! Which means you can download and install all those latest (and neat stuff yeah!) Internet Explorer 7’s and Media Player 11’s and overplus if you are compatibly geeky! That’s all I’ve been doing since the time I grabbed this thing, and it’s so much fun when you know you’ve a not-so-lollipop exam the next day!

Weird things turn me on!

Want it? Just shoot a mail – grainsaint at gmail dot com!

PS: The only hitch with this otherwise kick-ass piece of software is that your OS is genuine for the session in which you’ve installed it! Yeah, you’ll have to reinstall it everytime you wanna download windows software that requires validation! Though considering installtion takes less than 3 seconds and two mouse clicks, damn! it’s worth it!

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when I feel all alone
I wish there was somewhere I could be gone
not the same room, the familiar gloom
misery strewn, the lurking quarter moon
music is said to heal
pick the right spot, sigh! lyrics could never appeal!
can be with myself
but would that alone help?
write I can, and be read, and I do
the strangers we are, help me possibly, can you?
talk to yourself, it will help
problem and solution as one, what crap!
an ear, a shoulder
some kind of a calming boulder
everyone needs one, an alter ego
who’d mean it when (s)he’d say, “how-do-u-do?”
when I’m one for hundred and a half
why on earth can’t I find any support staff?
mend the brittle heart
someone who’d gather me, before I could fall apart!

{how can you still be reading me!}

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The best of Calvin and Hobbes ’87 – brought to you exclusively on eyethink (click on the picture for a better read)!

All right, this post entailed some hard work. Dare anyone slam any copyright issues on me!

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It must have been early morning, or very late into the night. All life was dead, breathing heavily (ignore the obvious contradiction here) under the insulating comfort of stuffed cotton in their tiny cells. Sleep, however, had eluded my eyes. The spooky loneliness of my room haunted my imagination. The world outside was numb. And so was I, lost in the mirage of befuddling thoughts –

Incidentally, I’d a Marlboro as the sole company in the dark. I just had to ask myself – should I?

Well, as it turns out, I’m only human. In fact, it was perfect justice to the concept of smoking. You’re all by yourself, jobless, vulnerable! I gave in!

But then, I was in for better! A shadow appears from the corner. Our eyes meet. Not a word said. It was lust at first sight!

Well well!

And hence one fine day had an unexpectedly beautiful night.

A Night To Remember. Sleepless In Hostel. Lusty and Bold. Seductivity. How To Win A Guy In One Kiss. My Sexy Guy. Oh Sweet November! (I’ll assume you are a reasonable movie buff, and can figure out where this comes from!)

PS: Experimenting with this guy’s cam, we clicked few by the light of the night. Little had I imagined it could be pieced together (however crappily, thanks for tolerating)!

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aaayeeeee aaaaammmmm….

a hermit
a lonesome crusader
but when herding
I’m somewhat better!

an escapist
a wishful thinker
live in a fantasy world
none could do it better!

I’m not so much
yet I am
now a merry andrew
next a strangely tacit man!

I wish for more
strive for less
tied down, cornered myself
God can no more than bless!

life, as I see it
is a fundamental contrast to average
things I want to do, the change that I have imaged
it’s all too mechanical, real world is a complicated rummage!

they say I’m easy
nothing enigmatic about it
ah! only if one could get me
real, true, complete!

PS: Check out this song from Evanescence (right click to save). I bet you’ll love it!

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overpossesed! help!

the obsession
intrigues me
has always did
psychology couldn’t explain it
I haven’t quite thought about it
I think I prefer it this way
or I’ve begun to assume
it’s in the obvious nature
of the species
the ‘it’ by the way
is the natural relationship
and sms lingo
I read a lot
or it’s fed to me
orkut scraps
messenger chats
and not to miss
the sms’es themselves!
I’m mostly cool nowdays
resigned to the belief
{which by the way took time}
that ladies
teens or post-teens
and short lingo
are sister enterprises!
synonymous, hand-in-hand
It’s kinda interesting
or a grippy social-psychology lecture
how women have
a language of their own
sweet Lord
different creation was cool
but a parallel world of communication
just for the women!

PS: Though I swear I hate it when guys even remotely attempt to grab a piece from the ladies’ vernacular! A guy saying “lol”! YIKES! It’s no gender-neutral stuff goddamnit!

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