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I’m not attracted to PYT’s. And I mean it. At least not to the ones as young (old) as myself, however unbelievably pretty. And I still mean it, for the attraction described here borders on prospect of love that could be. I’m off the hook for infatuations or daily crushes. They don’t happen anymore. Without me trying hard to not allow them to.

For reasons I might not know or can’t explain, I’ve come to believe that I’m karmically destined to fall for girls (women) older to me. I’ve been in the senior territory once, and returned with memories. Good ones. Never to be lost.

A lot of people (family included), with raised eyebrows, have attempted questioning my seeming disillusionment of obsessive shopping in the older section. All my acts in defense have mostly been labelled baseless rhetoric. And I think I’ve come to like that sort of disagreement: to not be able to explain yourself to people, and still be happy and firm about it.

I feel like trying again nonetheless, to you who’s crying “whydunnit?”

She’s seen more, at least more than me.
She knows more. Or definitely equal if not more.
She wants more, and I want her to want more.
She’ll give more. And what jackass won’t want more!

Makes sense?
Loud thinking. Narcissism. Demented sensibility.

I’m happily firm anyway!


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How bad can life get without a personal computer, that indeed was incredibly personal to me! Reading Mark Tully while sipping on beer in this discounted-for-IIT’ians pub, in the company of this guy who scribbled his totally impulsive poetry on the high-quality table napkins, was indeed some experience this evening. It’s hard to believe that getting rid of your computer can possibly be a life-twisting enterprise! I mean I have visited this same pub like thrice this week already, went for hookah yesterday with few getting-rich-soon guys, reading obsessively in the new year, breakfasting before morning lectures, and ofcourse, attending lectures as well! That’s not meeeee!

Anyway, met this friend who came down from Zurich, and got me yummy Swiss chocolates. Wish I didn’t have to confess, but her being irresistibly gorgeous did decently itch my singlehood! Sigh 😦

And Urvashi actually did a good thing by calling me up while I wasted away pubbing desperately. I pitched her with an if-available-then-lets-mingle request, but she ain’t quite ready yet! She offered to find me someone from the HT Matrimonial, which elicited a most extempore response – “shaadi ni karni oye! I’d rather stay single than permanently mingle right away!” Little did I realise, that wasn’t quite the perfect reply!

“Why do all men run away from commitment?”

Yep, I should have known this was coming! Because intuition works, and it did!

I couldn’t agree more with what you say Urvashi. The tougher part is explaining it in a man’s capacity! How am I at fault! The Creator hardwired such obstinately repulsive disposition in my cranium, and kicked me on this unfair planet!

How reasonable do I sound if I say women do get (much) more involved in relationships in later stages, while men are all romantically libidinous initially! I remember this from the Batman series – “never play with the affections of a woman in love”! I’m no Sigmund Freud Junior to create my own interpretation of how men and women feel differently when in love! But it’s probably not universally true without occasional fails. I mean there are stable, future-secured affairs involving doting duos! Perhaps having a girl in his life massages a man’s ego, makes him feel positive about himself, or may be completes him which most men might not want to confess to. While a man in her life is like a most beautiful event to a woman, which ain’t hard to believe considering its a feminine force working behind the scenes. It must mean something when women get to bear the offspring, and not men – they undoubtedly have this infinite capacity to love, at least decently more than most men! And not that men can’t love reciprocally: just that Mars’ians and Venus’ians feel a lot differently about it. A not-so obvious deviation in perspective is acceptable from the two sexes right!

This certainly is not the best and the maximum I could have spoken about it, but the sex-dependent parameters of love make like an unending debate. They think we jump at the mention of any variations of the word ‘commit’, but I guess its just a matter of perception. The love of a man unwilling to commit wouldn’t in all probability reduce itself. Not necessarily I mean. I could say men have a lot on their minds, equally if not more important than the love of a woman. So do the new-age women I guess. Its just that ladies attach overwhelming importance to a relationship, and they will show it, while the man just wouldn’t! He can’t. He should perhaps, but inherent helplessness is the word!

I just realised I’ve ceased being politically correct on my blog. Or perhaps Urvashi demanded a frank opinion!

I’m no sexist. Just the response to a misunderstood fundamental concept!

By the way, you could say men are like promiscuous bastards, unwilling-to-stop & settle beasts. That could save me some rebuttal here!

Guess some fired-up comments would aptly complete this banter!

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overpossesed! help!

the obsession
intrigues me
has always did
psychology couldn’t explain it
I haven’t quite thought about it
I think I prefer it this way
or I’ve begun to assume
it’s in the obvious nature
of the species
the ‘it’ by the way
is the natural relationship
and sms lingo
I read a lot
or it’s fed to me
orkut scraps
messenger chats
and not to miss
the sms’es themselves!
I’m mostly cool nowdays
resigned to the belief
{which by the way took time}
that ladies
teens or post-teens
and short lingo
are sister enterprises!
synonymous, hand-in-hand
It’s kinda interesting
or a grippy social-psychology lecture
how women have
a language of their own
sweet Lord
different creation was cool
but a parallel world of communication
just for the women!

PS: Though I swear I hate it when guys even remotely attempt to grab a piece from the ladies’ vernacular! A guy saying “lol”! YIKES! It’s no gender-neutral stuff goddamnit!

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I wonder

* if I’ve got any taller in the last few days! I mean it was perfect fit till I was back from home a few days back, and now my bed’s falling short to sustain my frame in stretched fashion! Every night when I’m off to sleep I find my feet hanging out from the edge. Atleast when I’m just hopped on I wish to lay myself in a rod-like manner, in a grand feeling of impending peaceful sleep! But for now! The first thing I have to do is make adjustments in some random reptilian composure, try and tuck the sheet somewhere, somehow in the twisted structure, hush the mosquitoes that make blood-thirsty attempts to exploit the disgruntled soul who must have exposed some skin in the commotion with his outgrown frame! No wonder by the time the process terminates with partial success in the best possible case, I have lost all the remaining peace of mind to guarantee a good sleep! And most definitely that’s the one reason why I seem to be getting up early these mornings! If I remember well, than the last I had such discernible growth was when I was somewhere around fourteen. If I assume the bed itself did not shrink due to dipping mercury levels and I have certainly gained few centimeters, then I must have forced my way into the elite club of qualified tall men (6′ and beyond)!

* why I keep receiving gay friend requests on Orkut everytime! I mean seriously, do my looks suggest a homosexually lustful freak advertising himself as a most promising (not de-flowered yet!), no-strings-attached, guaranteed exotic fun creature? Or any profile that displays the ‘single’ status shall be snapped as prey by both the sexes alike! What’s happening to this world fellas – promiscuity has no gender bar!

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