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Wish I could just…

It was exactly a month back when ROS had tagged me. Here I go Di, listing 5 (10 would have been hideously despairing) different things I miss, kinda tardy, but what the heck!

  1. Home, and no wonder why! There isn't a place like your home, anywhere. Maa ke haath ka khana with the whole kitchen at your raven disposal, kutte ki lick-lick, padosi ki jawaan beti, aapki small city mein aapke IIT'ian hone ki aukaat, and so much more!
  2. School Days, again no marvel disclosure. Those were the days – when you could be the teacher's pet and the naughtiest in the class both conjointly, where hogging the limelight came trifling easy with piddling exertion and hence you could feast on the wonderment of junior grade girls (and if you were jammy enough, you could have ensnared a few proposals your way), when books weren`t much of a hassle after all, which was the last place you could have possibly been sledgehammered (ok not really :P) for mischief, and also the last place where you would die to positively catch a clandestine glimpse of a flying skirt due to flash wind and hence giving one his (not her I`m sure!) inaugral sexual experiences and hence marking you on the road to verbal perdition as preoccupied serial ogling beasts! Yeah, those were the days.
  3. Not keeping a Pet! Yeah, as uncannily weird as it sounds, I`m an obsessed animal lover! With the quantum of love and care and concern I`ve reared my dogs, I could have alternatively brought up ten orphan kids and enjoyed a comfortable old age even if all of them were to grow up begging on street! Not that I hate the human race, but looks like something inside me is reserved for tenderness against the speechless species.
  4. Nothing to ride! Driving must easily qualify as one of my major passions. However, folks here can`t stand any environment befoulment by vrrrroooooming vehicles inside campus even if Delhi smashes all records of contamination! They would never buy my utterly convincing track record that doesn`t mention of even a whisker of a smash, ever :(. They won't give a damn to how as a kid I was always snooping from the backseat as Dad drove, and got my initiatory lessons by the painful procedure of sticking my neck out and trying to decode why some lever was pressed and when. And the flamboyantly adventurous face music every time they are hitched, as the institute pockets an amount significantly more than what you could spend on gasoline a month!
  5. psssssst, a girl in my life! Yep, you taste blood once, and you are left asking for more drips later on! Viruses come bundled with the glinting software packages. Celibacy is the one seemingly affecting thousands of healthy men in the IIT campuses! The (periodic) false (and vaguely narcissistic) solacement that "they don't know what they are missing" often doesn't lend me any more peace in this regard! All I ask for is a companion, someone with whom my infinite capacity to love and share be put to good use. Koi haiiiiiii, koi sun raha haiiii? :D:P

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This is almost the end of another academic year here at IIT. And yet again, a moment of emotional palpitation combined with mixed delight for the batch that is finally going to bid farewell to the place they spent the best years of their life at. For the lot who think IIT is remotely disjunct from a cliched college life, I`m sure puzzling thoughts trouble their minds lately. I wish to go ahead in opening up the chapters of my life that were read during my three years of stay at this supremely hallowed institution. However, this is a tribute to 'A Few Good Men'.


This is for the modest group of seniors that walked into this institute 365 days before us. To the erstwhile boys, who today are distinguished men. To the amazingly disjoint personnas the senior group comprises of. To the IIT'ians among the hoi polloi who made an indelible impact on our immensely impressionable minds, what with their sheer intellectual abilities, their capacity to convincingly steer our malleable minds into any commission, their multifarious talents among a host of activities, their individual achievements that catapulated themselves to God like stature among us revering souls, and so much more.


This is to the men who are slated to make it big in future, backed up by the multifaceted ontogenesis in the hugely concocted environs at IIT Delhi. To the seniors who started off as anticipatory predators, with our preconceived notion of fiery individuals, waiting to pounce on our virgin innocence – and moved on to become some of our closest friends and mentors. These people, irrespective of their disposition (inclined, neutral, detesting) to us, always had their very own personal realms, a framework wherein they were observed ..and I can say this – our seniors invariably had something to teach us, consciously or not. They were indeed our constant source of attention, considering the hostel is a humble dwelling, and you normally cross ways with fellow mates. And then there was always the issue of gathering fundas from seniors, academic or non-academic alike. And some of them were maestros at that. Which is undoubtedly the best part of hostel life – you are perenially circumvented by a group of people, who have seen more of life than yourself, who`ve invaluable experiences to share with the bonus package of taking home lessons from their slips, who`ve been through exactly the same things as you are today, and who can selflessly conduct you to guided paths ensuring a sound futurity for the benefactor.


The behemoths must know this – you are not accountable, but kind of rattling responsible for what becomes of us in this place. We looked up to you, almost always. We`ll continue to do that. Your success stories shall mould our ever ductile minds and channelise them to some specific spheres of activity in life. And it`s not just professionally – there is a huge bear upon made by your captivating personalities to our lives. We naturally admire all your effective calibres, and more often than not, do try to unify them in our lives. I`m not very sure about this, but probably you guys underestimate your priceless existence in the hostel milieu. And for those who were always a constitutional part of the hostel, you guys should be thanked for weaving the fabric that is gonna bind generations to come. It's a contribution that might have gone unrewarded, but you know the flame is lit, and would be inherently alive till armageddon haul it up.


Thank you Seniors for everything. Everything that you did. And for everything you did not.


As all of you take a step ahead in your lives today, we wish you all the luck and pray for your eventual attainment of success and material prosperity, and we wish you`ll all continue being the achievers that you were, in some form or other. Keep scripting success stories, and allow us to feed on your accomplishments in good spirit.


Cheers to the unblinking bonds of friendship and professional camaraderie we made all these three years. To the fellowship that`ll never erase itself from our memory, and that we intend to strengthen with years to come.


To the Titans, you`ll be missed. And remembered. And loved.


Good luck to you all. May the Almighty be with you, always 🙂


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