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Getting High…

I thought its time I do it. Without arbitrary deliberation, I and my friend next door decided this is the day we let go. And what better time to unleash the you within you ..majors over ..some screwed up ..some brought cheers ..just before you are heading home [which is always a pleasurable activity considering the rare occurence rate], you want to stretch all the fun you can have by holding forth a few more hours ..the heightened propensity to indulge yourself bigtime.

And that`s exactly what I did! Tough day before me ..lots of running around in the ..treating her ..sharing maggi with him ..and then again meeting her ..and then the performance of the lifetime ..we legally bought our first Vodka, the Russian delight ..for a hundred bucks!

I mean it feels so great ..you do things that you always thought you`d do someday! And when you are done, you get real high on the machismo front, with lots of self-propelled ego-boosting! The supremely orgasmic “yes, I did it” thing. All this time I`d observed guys buying booze from those thekas ..and finally we did it ourselves. I felt kicked at having done something ..some kind of an achievement attained!

The best was yet to come. Not that I`ve never drunk before ..quite a lot of so called social drinking ..but never got the gist of being drunk! I have no idea how many of you reading this have ever had a high after drowning yourself in liquor ..but I did for sure yesterday night! And and and ..it is ‘something’ ..all this time I wondered how come people loose senses and get rowdy when they drink ..but now I`ve been-there-done-that, the hands-on experience turning out to be rather amazing!

It`s feels so relaxed and comfortable ..so intoxicating ..I know I`m drunk ..I couldn`t walk ..my words lisped in conversation ..my head was heavy ..and the body so light ..you think you are making sense ..you are actively conscious ..but you are not ..you cannot be ..after something like 180ml of the Russian booze, somewhat diluted with Sprite ..Pink Floyd playing in the dimly seductive light of a table lamp ..and salt laden kurkure to go with ..two of your closest buddies for company! You just cannot be living man ..whew! Heaven! You get so stupid ..you want to act nerdy ..that`s the whole point of drinking I guess ..to be left with minimal doses of inhibitions ..you want to break free ..no frustration ..life gets cool people!

All the time I could hear the other two saying “Nitin is high ..yah he`s high ..look he`s falling ..gone ..lost etcetera” ..but I was enjoying it ..every bit of it ..it was wholesome fun ..alcohol might be injurious to health as well ..but for God sake, everybody should try and get high once in this small life we`ve got ..its an amazing experience ..worth having atleast once!

I feel a lot better now ..the hangover faded with sleep last night ..but the upshot stays ..its gonna be there forever ..every little thing is special the first time ..so was this ..I perhaps got slightly late in life for the getting high experience ..but no qualms about it ..the act is worth anything, anytime!

Apologies to all those people who might have been offended by the disclosure here ..but I guess I can`t deny my blog the luxury of being a revered recipient of my firsts in life ever! You can be sure that this won`t be repeated deliberately in near future, cuz the next majors are a lot far!

And this is where I sign off from blogosphere for the rest of the year. I would be travelling home in a few hours from writing this. Had the most wonderful blogging experience in 2005 ..when I started in May, I`d never realised I`d come this far. I just hope 2006 ushers in more stuff on the blogging arena, and my distinguished visitors continue to oblige me! Wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year `06. All the best to everybody. Take care and have fun. I`ll be back, next year ..same place ..and same me the nascent blogger 🙂



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Cold Feet

I`m having cold feet ..both technically and metaphorically implied. The winter chill is here. Had The Times Of India not reported that Delhi`s minimum dropped to a cool 4.7 degrees, I wouldn`t have felt this continuous psychic shiver of the torso since morning! Suddenly I feel like trapping all the sunlight of the world around my increasingly diminishing frame, and lock myself in my room ..shut all doors and windows ..turn all lights off ..transmutate temporarily into a recluse ..because I need a break. Yes I need to get away ..I need a voluntary retirement from life for some days ..the exams have drained all the energy out of me ..I`m too stressed out ..not that I`m scoring absolutes in those papers ..but still, to spend two hours surrounded by the best brains of the country ..all deeply engrossed in solving questions of the toughest imaginable levels, sadistically designed in weary succession to crack your confidence in your abilities as an IIT`ian ..with the huge misconception that they are preparing engineers of tomorrow ..and those fellow Computer Scientists subconsciously caving in to things they just have to do because it gets them a 50k+ monthly salary or an entry to one of those Ivy League Colleges abroad! Its sick!

People have retarded their thinking prowess ..and channelised it to just one concern ..getting high grades in those once a double fortnight examinations. It is worse than school. Its no college. I don`t crave for the premier tag of this institution any more. It`s all bloody hogwash. Once here, everybody`s sole aim is to add this coveted degree in their kitty of academic accomplishments in those stipulated four or five years. Don`t the people at the helm of policy making realise IIT`ians are ending their lives courtesy those obscenely roughshod rules? Do they necessarily have to be this savage to hold up the elitist tag? I don`t think so. A life is worth everything. It cannot be taken to uphold some freaks` decision making abilities.

So you can see that I`m visibly moved at the suicides in associate IIT`s in the last month. Thankfully I`ve never been remotely witness to such an incident. Not that I haven`t climbed frustration levels during my stay in this esteemed institute ..but never actually transgressed the threshold of not continuing this essentially morbid existence!

And now its almost 2 in the morning ..the mercury is dipping dangerously low ..and I`ve to study if I`ve decided to exist in this exceedingly competitive environment ..my eyes seem to give in as well. Nobody dares to be different here ..you do and you are history! I`m sorry ..I cannot flow with the normal channels of academe here. I can think of my own, and I`ll continue foxing the system ..and I`ll always have my way out ..cuz its my life ..and I decide how am I going to structure it.

Yes. Life looks good now. I just need to take such regular doses of optimism to keep me going!

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