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Basic Instinct

Somehow I`ve always been in complete awe of Hollywood movies. I don`t remember this exactly but the first English movie I saw was Basic Instinct : you can argue – starting off with what was probably a definite PG-21, at the age of 10, I was suitored pretty early in my childhood for what lied ahead – the “bountiful” IIT LAN. This reminds me of talking to one of my friends in the girls hostel [guess I shouldn`t have then] – I casually pounded her with probably the least expected query, “do ya watch porn ?”

And what was to come next, was ofcourse unexpected too –

“shutup Nitin..what do you think of us ?” [sorry honey, but I thought it was normal !!!]

“No we don`t, because its not required” [holy shit, why not..they didn`t teach me a bit @ school]

“because its all so obvious” [I wonder how can the missionary position be so obvious ???]

I desperately wanted an ensuing debate but for the guard who fisted and proclaimed its time to leave..’Informals 2004 @ Kailash wraps up’.

Anyway, I`m not one who would have left her in her dark world [perhaps thats why they often brand me “frustu”]..I kept troubling her often –

have you atleast kissed your boyfriend [yah she had one, an IITian himself] ?

“NO NITIN..how [dare] can you ask me that!” Why not, I was just curious about it..I thought you love him..I thought friends could talk so!

To top it all up, she advised me to grow up and get over such yucky stuff [while all this time I thought I was actually growing up !!].

Finally, I felt sorry for my miserable friend [he`ll have to contend himself with that 200GB`s on the lan].

That was perhaps a disturbing observation..atleast it did bug me and I shared “their” thoughts with fellow thinkers back in my hostel..we don`t expect you to be nymphomaniacs but atleast be judiciously reciprocative..and did we brand them ‘sexless’ ? Still, I`d to mutely gulp her opinion in this democratic setup of ours.

Sometimes I still wonder..is ‘it’ still taboo ? Are we [21st generation] still hesitant to talk healthily about it ? All right, men might be more amorous/cheap/yucky but what do we do if either sex sells or SRK ? If I discuss ‘it’ in a lighter vein, why do they ward me off [as frustu, one-track-mind etc] ? Gotta ask this, who`s not growing up ?

All apologies to any females reading this [and getting offended in the process]..this is just a highly personalized opinion. Perhaps I got overboard, taking extra liberties with my female friend!

Though I fear this post will work as a wildfire “brand promotion” activity..Damn it, I don`t care!


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