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here I am
just the music and me
the sluggish fan
and the computer I refuse to set free

room number twelve
first floor
fuckin great deal of fretful delve
indeed, am wore!

Nirvana would sell the world
dream of rain, would Sting's brain
with no more sense they could blurt
GNR says it's november rain!

blood sucking dipterons linger
desperate and lonely
winged bastards wouldn't cease their tinker
even as am fuckin desperate and lonely

and as I write this
perhaps makes things nice
Goo Goo Dolls would sing Iris
for Phil Collins, its another day in paradise

what's the purpose of life, my life
read, learn, work, earn
and sooner or later, get yourself a wife
fuck ..fuck ..fuck, in this room, I only burn

dead, jobless, unused
where do I see it going?
not the first time yours truly's this confused
ah! why couldn't futurity delusion itself burgeoning?

Died In Your Arms Tonight, wish I could Air Supply
no soul, not a shadow around
ask me to take a breather, nah ..the disarray would only multiply
there's no end to misery ..negative, do I sound?

it ain't the future
no that's not bleak
it's today, now, this instant, when am reduced to a bloody caricature
don't you say it, I know the word's "a crazy freak"!

this is no fear
there never has been
thrown to life, a nonchalant sneer
it's just some momentary spleen!

I see I could go on, and on, and on
it's the perfect setting, the music, the mood, the solitude, yeay!
but no, I'm tired, no more vigor, no more brawn
the precis – not everyday's a Sunday!


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Glad I had this comparatively 'avant garde' experience of indulgence a few weeks back. Thanks to Deepti for having introduced me to the erstwhile hookah, which now presents itself in a spick modern day avatar, that caught on the weird world's fantasy, and is a definite rage among the city's young and elite alike, as I must have figured out in the visits I made to hookah bars around South Delhi.

Mango, Rose and Spicy Indian (this one sounds more like a finesse Pizza Hut preparation) – some scrumptious flavors to drool on, coupled with the seductively exotic Arabic ambience that these bars have on offer, makes the hookah experience worth sampling once. I mean envision a neat arrangement of cushioned couches, mate it with pulsating array of lounge music, with just the right quantum of brightness around (ok kinda low I must admit, needs redressal!), get off your shoes, lie down or position yourself at leisure, order a kickshaw hookah, allow the flavor to stroke your anatomy, aaaaaaah – amazingly alleviating!

Added some pasta, lemon chicken, angoori kheer and a large glass of vodka to the cover last evening, and this is exactly how I'd categorise nirvana :

The best part – hookah ain't harmful ..absolutely safe ..feels sexy with all the smokey puffs around ..available at chic stores, thronged by classy and fashionable fellas ..a wholesome pick!

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