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That’s it.
The end of this blog.
And the death of the blogger.

Thanks all..


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14th of February has never been too grand for me. Yeah, the tragedy of my life is to have never had a girl when the city’s being painted red with love and lust and passion all around! Add to it the kind of “Red-Letter-Day”-dom these tabloids (which I can’t help but read vociferously) accord to the so-not Hallmarkian day, and you have a perfect recipe for suicidal frustration. Particularly influenced are the members of the singles’ brigade, of which my dear friends, I’m a bonafide member most certainly during this part of the year! To add to the obvious discomfort, whether you accept it or not, is that slew of mails and phone messages uttering that ‘proud to be single’ etc crap right in your face!

Though I’d like to share this one particular photographic e-mail I received today –

And I feel like I’m getting some sort of Valentine phobia. People have wished me a Happy Valentine’s Day, HVD in short and sweet. And somehow I’ve managed to screw it up, by seeing no better than HiV aiDs in those words! Creepy!

I’m sorry. I’m quirky. You could say no wonder I’m not taken!

Hope you guys had fun val’entwining’!

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Dude! Where’s my winter chill!

Delhi is steaming! And its only like the end of January! Winter wear out, cold showers already in! What on earth are those environmentalists being paid for? I can see the globe formidably warming yeah, don’t need their opinions in Science Today! If the oceans have to rise, let them bloody do! Water everywhere will at least cool it up! Damn I hate summers, except that I get to do longer showers, wear my awesome 24-hr deodrant and sleep naked! Yeaaaaaaah! 😀

Oh and went to this pretty chic restaurant called “TEN” on Sansad Marg last evening. There wasn’t much company but the food was good. I finally realised Thai is basically Indian cuisine with a lot more spices thrown in, an oversupply of corn over every dish and a much more tempting dressing, while Mexican is roll everything up you can eat with ease otherwise, support it with thick cream and salad, and again present it invitingly to us dal-paneer-gobhi loyals! Followed the exotic food with a walk to India Gate for the ten-twenty buck ice-lollies!

And trust me, Delhi rocks, as do dilwaale Dilliwallahs. Every city has a story, and Delhi has one too, albeit unchronicled to full grandeur in print. Perhaps its just because I’ve been reading a lot of India-centric literature lately (Indian In Slow Motion’, ‘India, Pakistan and the West’, Maximum City, Shantaram), and I’m increasingly falling in love with the country, and the city in particular. The capital is this fascinating amalgamation of cultures and cuisine, people and practices, virtue and vice, that at times I have a tough time in dissecting the anatomy of this huge all-compensating organism! The more I read, the better I mould my opinion of the nation. I cannot ask of you all to see through my eyes, but guys! India IS poised, and there’s a phenomenon waiting to explode! Some of you might remember reading about IIT’ians staying back in the country after graduation. You bet its not too far from the truth! People want to give back, probably not in largesse, but patriotism IS the buzzword, and its back in a revolutionized techie avatar!

India Shining, Incredible India are not just tourism promotion or FDI centered gimmicks. They define us today!

History will always talk of Gandhi and Nehru, and never of Dhiru Bhai Ambani or Ratan Tata!

Love for the country, wear it, show it! PDA!
And as they say, be the change you want to see! So, Be!

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I must have grown old.

With my blog I mean.

Yeah, didn’t quite realize but this space turned a centurion with the last post. May ’05, and I started off with all those romanticized declarations of love-shove {blush}, which by the way, some found too bold for public expression! Made a quick sine curve and fell in and out of relationships twice {sigh}: not the typical falling out if you don’t know already, but what the heck: nothing’s well if it doesn’t end well!

Followed it up with a lot of personal stuff, boldfaced indeed, with a tinge of despair evident in all my writing I guess! There were times when I wrote for the reader. It was, and still remains mostly for myself though! I believe it’d be exciting to go back and read the chronicles of your life, in very much your own words, anytime in the future.

I don’t remember much of my teens if you ask me: I’ve no idea how different I was when young(er), the things I did, things I did not. I could of course tell you about my first crush, in 2nd grade – she wore glasses, very soft-spoken, thin legs, a bookworm, yet managed to remain jaunty most of the times. Her family and mine being friends made a perfect catalyst for my childhood crush! That my Dad was in a transferable job meant the most convincingly sullen death for what would have been a much-envisaged, most suitable happy-ending!

For pretty much the same reason, this blog was born. I’ll need my own story, when I’m seventy-plus, when I’ll be a burdensome granpa, still horny with Alzheimer’s. That’s when my blog would come in handy to reminisce of my sunny days, of which I assume I should have had many!

Anyway, I had this not-so shadowy realization that somewhere down the line I’m very conventional, and very-very traditional! Impulse more than sound reason led me to visit the Swaminarayan Akshardham Temple last Sunday. No deliberate ecstasy required to explain, but boy! What a place! Friends agreed that it must be one of the top architectural expressions in modern India. There is such excess of technology combined with spiritual grandeur in those few hundred acres that you feel it’s a whole new world for those few hours required in case total bliss is one of your intended reasons to be there. Huge exhibits with robotic models and Dolby Digital Sound to mesmerize you with a terrific audio-visual entertainment. Almost life-like recreations of people and events, served to you in first-class sophistication! An underground boat ride that takes you through a brief but brilliantly depicted history of India is a first of kind in the country for sure. The fountain show in the evening coupled with thundering chants of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva set your pulse racing. I was a different person altogether for those 6-7 hours. I squatted at all those hallowed idols of Sita, Ram and Ganesh, and it felt so natural! I paid for the ‘Jalabhishek’, and queued with this rage of devotion from nowhere to bathe the deity. I so wish to go on, but this much should do for the holy memoir! Must visit, and if you have a car, take me along!

I might have also begun to appreciate the finer realms of life. Take for example this loo on my floor whose windows have lost the paint that hid our naked bottoms, and which should most certainly bother the decent resident even when nature urgently calls. On the ‘bright’ side, I find shitting with the sun shining right over you an amazingly indulging experience. It feels like being right there in the lap of nature! Trust me!

And btw, I seriously can’t understand what’s all the brouhaha about Shilpa being meted out a racist treatment in Big Brother! I mean is it not supposed to be reality TV? And hence is she not brown? She should have fired that Judy back with comments about her spotted British skin, or her sagging breasts on the non-kamasutra figure! For once I wished it was Mallika Sherawat on the show! She would not drop a tear under any circumstances, can show more skin than the rest combined, can call people names in her Haryanvi lingo without an iota of doubt over her witty speech, she could kiss unisexually, make the audience lust after her with dropping hemlines: in short, she’d be a perfect firebrand Indian woman for reality television. Racism ki maa ki aankh!

Also watched Guru, and am so glad we decided to eat in TGI Friday before the show. The young woman on the next table showed a lot of goosebumped skin in her micro-mini denim skirt that was getting shorter as she shifted in her place all the time. In as much as I’d wanted to question the practicality involved in wearing winter lingerie, I decided otherwise as she followed it up with some passionate lip-locking with her guy in full view of my devoid-of-all-shame eyes! Geez! EYE now THINK kalyug is definitely here! And almost managed to convince a friend to go over to the table nearby where a group of five PYT’s were audibly sloshed up in the ecstasy of someone’s birthday, and wish the birthday girl. I was pretty intrigued to know the possible outcome of this courageous venture! BTW again, off late I’ve noticed pretty young women hanging out with more gorgeous women a lot more than I was used to in normal days! They are everywhere, torturing single men with their I-don’t-need-you-no-more half-looks!

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HNY…etc etc!

APPIE NU EAR OhOh7 fellas, and everything else!

Must say I missed blogville all this while, but being at home is a generous compensation for everything! I must have said it a thousand times, and for the 1001th time, there ain’t no place like home if you are a hostel creature, and its not a well-supplied life in there! Over and above, if the padosi-ki-beti is growing up nicely, and seems to be all interested in you, licensed by her mom who wants her gorgeous (with much more potential in futurity) daughter to play badminton with the perverted predator (hehe ..obviously I have a better image in the neighbourhood, and the ignorance is doing much good to me :D) next-door, well, beat that! I feel like I’m growing this Lolita type fascination, mostly triggered by the all-time high interaction with teenage dames lately! It’s mostly fun being myself!

For a change I went shopping with mom back home, and realised the grass is competitively greener in my place as well, and the markets were all decently infested to engage both eyes, only if they could envision independently!

And ofcourse, read some books, without realising I was fixated mostly on the classics, Wordsworth Classics as the covers said – Anna Karenina, Dracula, Crime and Punishment (still on), Shantaram, My Experiments With Truth, A Clockwork Orange ..that’s pretty much all of it I guess. BTW, Shantaram is awesome. Brilliantly written. A must read. And I must have not read a more randomly arbit piece of text when compared to A Clockwork Orange! It makes sense if you want it to, all greek otherwise! And then there were the TV series’ – Lost is good, gets more gripping, episode after episode: Coupling is too much of sex and nothing more than that, and if I say too much, you know what that means(!!!): tried Scrubs as well, but nah, lost patience somewhere. Oh, and the major development, retrograde you might think – packed my PC off to home. Entailed much courage and self-explaining to this effect, but all worth it I guess. Yeah, there’s no necessary evil more damaging than a computer with fast and free internet round-the-clock, with all that aimless surfing feasting on the available man hours to yourself! And suddenly, I seem to have all the time in this world! Courtesy the huge favour bank (ssssssshhhhh….) I have managed to gather over the years staying in the hostel, I should have no problem being my online self, at will! So the now-deserted computer table now bears a nice-looking lamp with a clock with an alarm, today’s Economic Times (which I’ve lately subscribed to), some stationery stuff, the bookmarked Crime and Punishment, a fresh pack of 3M Post-It, board pins for reminder notes and those occasional snippets off newspapers, which together render a sacred feeling to my room, something I’ve never experienced before! And I’m McDeeing it!

And I know it’s quite unlike me, but somehow I’ve come to pity Mr. Saddam Hussein after his much-hyped, videotaped death! I mean capital punishment was coming to him anyway, but dude, there’s a sanctity accorded to a dying person, irrespective of the barbarity of the crime convicted for. I guess Saddam deserved it. No wonder there’s a been a reasonable outpouring of sympathetic emotions round the globe.

And I haven’t quite ceased smirking around since I read this news item the day before about this new fluid these Yankee researchers have produced – the magic liquid sits waiting stealthily somewhere in the cervix, and when there’s a sperm attack, it mixes with the semen and obliterates any HIV-infected entity present in the disarrayed environs! Now that’s called ‘nipping in the bud’!

Hmmmm ..and I just realised blogging from an alien comp is not half-fun as it used to be 😦

Anyway, that’s for the ’07 comeback post. Should hopefully follow this up with something more sensible soon! Keep blogging pals, I’m coming to read you soon!

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It must have been early morning, or very late into the night. All life was dead, breathing heavily (ignore the obvious contradiction here) under the insulating comfort of stuffed cotton in their tiny cells. Sleep, however, had eluded my eyes. The spooky loneliness of my room haunted my imagination. The world outside was numb. And so was I, lost in the mirage of befuddling thoughts –

Incidentally, I’d a Marlboro as the sole company in the dark. I just had to ask myself – should I?

Well, as it turns out, I’m only human. In fact, it was perfect justice to the concept of smoking. You’re all by yourself, jobless, vulnerable! I gave in!

But then, I was in for better! A shadow appears from the corner. Our eyes meet. Not a word said. It was lust at first sight!

Well well!

And hence one fine day had an unexpectedly beautiful night.

A Night To Remember. Sleepless In Hostel. Lusty and Bold. Seductivity. How To Win A Guy In One Kiss. My Sexy Guy. Oh Sweet November! (I’ll assume you are a reasonable movie buff, and can figure out where this comes from!)

PS: Experimenting with this guy’s cam, we clicked few by the light of the night. Little had I imagined it could be pieced together (however crappily, thanks for tolerating)!

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Lately, alarmingly – 

  1. I’ve been hooked to Pink Floyd obsessively! And boy, they ARE the gods!
  2. I’m reading fiction, and finding it a brilliantly convincing reason to bunk lectures (few of which I attend anyway)! And I must say, Indian writing has definitely come of age, with liberal usage of the f-word in chronicling the rollicks of the average cosmopolitan Indian.
  3. Blogspotting, compulsively (OCD’ily)! And by heavens! some HAVE the natural knack for words, and style! So much to read, but countable minutes left with free internet!
  4. Feeding myself (in outrageous exclusivity) on bananas (a dozen lasting a couple of days)! And, I think I can see some positively anatomical impression of finally minding my pesky folks at home!
  5. Been keeping the unshaved retro look since the last month and plus! And I love it! All Clean is so ewww!

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