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Bloom `06…

Life`s been kinda super active since the dawn of `06. Writing about which, should in all probability not interest majority of my readership! Which is why I made this a point to reckon – “am I always supposed to pound myself with kick-ass botheration simply to regale your taste buds to digestible literary products”? Or if this small distinguished (why do I always have to use this word for you guys!) group of people necessarily have to be gratified whenever they read my stuff? Whence I have resolved to undertake slight digression from my usual train of thought : I won`t waver from posting stuff exclusively to meet my hunger for immortalising rather personal experiences into word translations, limbo audience satisfaction!

It makes so much sense to keep people privy to the fact that I`ve been treated to amazing delicacies thrice in these twenty five days. I`ll nevertheless made it public knowledge! Simply because of the fact that I`m somehow pleased at the cascade of events off late. For the uninitiated and hence the privileged lot, a single instance of not having to consume the hostel mess food (predominantly forcibly gulping it down our oesophagus), is supreme luxury! And being offered free meals at the rate of just about once a week, is like chappar fad ke milna!

I should now move on to the most happening event of last week, and most certainly well-deserved of the month as well!
I met this classmate of mine in school after something like four years. No big deal but for the fact that we were in the same city all this time, distanced by not more than 20 Kms for the upper threshold. Even more weird was the caustic realisation that we were actually connected by another common friend, who was in constant touch with both of us, disjointly though! Anyway, I guess all this added zing to the fabulous meet-up last Sunday!

I`ll let go of her for making me wait for sometime (or may be I was super-excited in flowery apprehension of things to come that I reached fairly before schedule!) as I had enough to quench my visual instincts at this popular hangout, infested with hormonally crusading youth! Not to mention that I accompanied the evening sun when I converged to PVR Priya, and darkness followed as she descended! Anyway, I`m no cynic and moreover, the positives far outdid the initial hiccups!

So there she was, belying my worries of recognising her after so long. Save for those hair streaks, some very heady weight gain and incredibly assertive presence, she was pretty much the same sassy girl I knew in class! And it didn`t took long for us to get into a fantastic conversing mood. I mean look at it this way – you got two intellectual conversationalists, both leading prank-makers in class (mostly independently though!), the precedent that they didn`t communicate much in school, a great place to move around and the fact that (atleast) I was keenly looking forward to the meeting! Ain`t the stage set for a rocking evening?

And it literally rocked! We chatted endlessly ..words didn`t fail any of us for even half a second ..we had our journeys of life in those four years on the platter ..her current job as some Business Manager in a leading bank ..my stories about life in IIT (and not beyond it!) ..about the place we commonly used to inhabit and the people there ..the batch girls who`d be marrying soon ..that orthodox lady teacher, the flirtatious (father of two) principal ..her past relationships ..my failed affairs(!) ..and so much more (kinda) inexplicible stuff!

For some seven odd hours (including the waiting time), I never realised I have a place to return back to by the night. In as much as she was an amazing company (sigh! It took me four years after school to agnise that), we freaked around the city, decagrams of appraisals exchanged, satiated my hungry self with some quality foodstuff (man ..she commented my diet had put birds to shame!). All in all, an awesome evening with an equally awe-inspiring female.

Which is why I guess I`m cruising through these truck-loads of assignments with sharp deadlines this week! And for a change, I find life euphoric. There`s so much to do ..so much to coalesce in those few hours, that I feel some strange sense of balance and contentedness in all spheres of life.
Finally, aplogies to all who read through here, and realised there wasn`t much sense to be taken home from this! And yes, I hope no offence taken by my seeming disregard earlier in the post :).


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Countdown To Perfection..

Guess I didn`t intend to begin my WordPress sojourn with any kind of possibly explosive confessional activity. However, as a venerable inhabitant of blogosphere, I need to respect this obligatory native culture of following up to tags by fellow bloggermates. Kavita Di must know 8 things I`ll look for in my partner so that things be perfect :

  1. A sensible conversationalist. I`ll be traumatised ino acute boredom if she should turn out to be a believer in “silence is gold”! No! And then there are times when you want your girl to do the speaking, and corner yourself into mute spectatorship, just loving the way she would laugh at her own words, or make those funny faces, or hit at anything in vicinity! Oh man, its kweet!
  2. Love for animals, and appreciation for the least, if not overtly passionate like me! I`m a diehard pet admirer and lover, and I`m sure to keep some, dogs in particular. Hence, she should be agreeable to (and best if supportive) to my animal instincts!
  3. Confident, assertive, intellectually/professionally/technically motivated. I`ll allow for the occasional dumbness they all exhibit (apologies! No offence intended), but to make sense when required and sex when not, is what I`d be looking for. Your girl`s your most prized possession. What a psychological victory in undeclared domains over peers if you have an astonishingly presentable wife! And I won`t mind her playing the seductress, as long as it`s limited to just about that!
  4. Genuinely good humoured. This is something every guy desires and I dare not be exceptional. I need to have occasional doses of active participation in being witty from her side as well, as I can`t be the joke maker everytime! And I find confidence with capacity for humour combo incredibly sexy.
  5. Experimentative. She should throw in surprises when I`m least expecting any. Leaving those wild sexual fantasies aside, I would love to be tricked and amazed and caught off-guard. What`s life without a little spice in it!
  6. Shrewd and discerning, especially when personal benefit is to be derived. That`s what I state as being practical. An astute partner is an asset – she won`t let you go weak on your knees or compromise plainly due to emotional constraints. I would love the woman to hold centerstage and dictate things. A girl who can decide for you should be incredibly appealing.
  7. I won`t ask for obsession or perfection here, but yeah, she must have all the requisite standard kitchen experience that should feed her man to satisfaction. Guess the way to my heart is not exactly through my stomach, but the appetite part has to be given due consideration. And again, perfection at housekeeping would completely floor me down if all the above were to be satisfied as well. The new age woman is going places, but she also keeps order in her domains.
  8. Gorgeous, beautifully asseted and a nymph in bed (I`m sorry ..I`m a normal guy)!

Whoops! That was fun! I`ve probably not listed everything that I desire for perfection, but still, 8 is good enough. Again, I`m not very sure of myself if all the above would stay as I near the time to actually start looking for a partner.I find Indian women amzingly attractive and perfect anyhow, so doesn`t really matter if even half of the above were to remain unsatisfied!

Yo ladies! Anybody fits the bill?

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I`ve Moved…

The voyage decides to change course. I had an amazing experience with Blogspot. However, I wish to keep changes on the move. Couldn`t stick around Blogger longer than this. Hence, for some time starting today, I`ll be blogging at https://eyethink.wordpress.com.

Goodbye Blogspot, till we meet next!

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Hello world!

Ah! Refreshing change to blog here on WordPress. I`m the kind of person who loves doing stuff differently. I`ve been a witness to this explosion of blogs on Blogspot. I decided to move and shift loyalties!

So, here I am.

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Mama`s Boy!

However obsessed one can term Times Of India`s glitzy daily pullout Delhi Times with the concept of metro/uber-sexuality, one must also agree that they do occasionally serve certain nuritious and perfectly digestible facts and fundas on the platter.

I remember reading this article some time back in the same about how Asian Men are still pretty much their Mama (Mom)`s boys. I dare not disagree with the aforementioned deliverance ..for the simple justification that I`ve introspected myself quite often on the viability of this proposition ..and predominantly I`ve figured myself to be a near-perfect example to accentuate TOI`s Asian-Men-Emotional-Attachment funda!

For instance, I don`t find life in the Hostel enticing anymore. Though the very first time when I left home (after I`d spent some quality 18 years in the comfort zone), I was naturally super-excited in exotic apprehension of the life ahead, and hence felt little emotions as Mom shed few pearls while I said goodbye! Guess the rather long stay at home never taught me the possible pangs of staying away from my folks for extended periods. However fun those initial days in the hostel turned out to be, I remember always craving to catch the next train back home ..or keep calling Mumma everyday ..to tell her everything that came my way during the start of this IIT experience.

That “something is missing” feeling has only achieved widespread expansibility over all these years. I miss my Mom so much ..no wonder it additonally confirms that children are more strongly attached emotionally to their mothers.

And if it`s one of the rare disturbing occasions (as of right now) when I`m down with cold and cough and fever jumbo-combo, I tend to perhaps collapse under this strange psychological self-inflicted belief that I`m going to suffer badly! Somehow I don`t feel like looking after myself even when I`ve perfect understanding that things might worsen! And in those moments of pain and suffering, the one person I want to be with is Mom. All I can think of is myself resting away in peace on my bed at home, with Mumma sitting by my side, her hands caressing my weak frame, often a stroll in the hair (which by some means I find an astonishingly cosy activity) ..waking up in the bed itself to the smell of a hot meal, carefully prepared and customised to my ailing condition ..and she would lay the dishes for me ..put the requisite foodstuffs in the right proportions ..pick the next roti from the casserole as I`m just about to finish with the first one ..get me my medicines in time with a tumbler of lukewarm water ..get me to sleep again ..switch off the room lights ..shut the door softly ..and then after making sure I`m comfortably placed and resting ..she`ll move on with her impending chores courtesy attending to the attention-crazy and may be sometimes feigning son!

Yes, I just love to be pampered and taken care of by this amazing women at home. She has these highly effective bunch of tricks and methods at her ready disposal which simply floor her son down everytime with a show.

I must confess that I`m still very much of my Mama`s boy. I find this uncomparable satisfaction and comfort when she`s around me. I feel like sharing life with her ..every moment ..every triumph ..every failure. She understands me more than I do. She`s simply wonderful.

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Not Fair!

The chill is freaking me out and am making all sorts of absurd observations! Read on to the latest discovery!

Not the first time that IIT has opened its gates for the most auspicious of all occasions, weddings to be conducted on its land. Not the first time that I could notice the excessive opulence with which the marriage was going to be solemnised on the same soil where we tread, showing us the longest middle finger ever existe!. And again, so many times has the baraat music reverberated in my ear drums translating to , “Look, here we are ..frolicking in YOUR campus ..it`ll be a trash bin when we leave ..and we`ll have had the maximally imaginable fun in your grounds”! Still can`t figure out why, but today I forced myself into this disturbing realisation that I have not attended a single wedding function since last four odd years!

How amazingly stupid! I mean every year thousands or may be even lakhs of couples enter wedlock, and still I`m so poorly social in not being acquainted with a dozen knotting families!

Where are the prospective to-be pairs! I swear I know around twenty young people who are just the right age to get paired. What on earth are they waiting for! I so desperately want to attend a wedding ..I want to dance with the band-baaza in front of the dulha`s ghodi ..be photographed all ruffled-up in the company of fellow groom-mates ..to be seen around in the company of gorgeous girls in navel-baring ghagra-cholis and saree-clad ladies ..to be introduced as “my son, studying Computer Science @ IITD” ..to play and fight cheerfully with members of the opposite sex, from the opposite party ..to work in the marriage household ..to wear that ubiquitous suit with the protocol matching tie and the best scent ..to endeavour and look my best ..to play hide-n-seek with the kids ..to see my family people after years ..to impress every soul around ..to keep the head high if the groom is my friend ..and to cry if she is my loving cousin!

Anyway, just got desperate when I saw this beautiful pandal being erected in the huge ground nearby and the ensuing party! I was just wondering if the next wedding I attend would be witnessed from a higher perepective ..as the groom on the ghodi himself! Pray God No!

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Goa Beckons – Photos

They are here ..kicked my ass in getting them up! And finally, my readers can feast on the incredibly appealing visual treat called Goa 🙂

Check them out [make sure you screen resolution is set at 1024×768 ..you miss out on the captions otherwise]:

here [if you intend to, you should preferably download from this one ..click on the small arrow in lower right corner, it opens a pop-up which is the actual image size ..save it from there], Or

I`ll definitely need some feedback on this one ..puhleeeez 😀

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