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tim tim lak lak …


I’m in possession of a potential money-spinner software since this evening. It’s called turn-your-pirated-windows-to-original aka up-Microsoft’s! Yeah, it’s a small registry item that when added (effortlessly) to your system registry, validates your copy of Windows as genuine! Which means you can download and install all those latest (and neat stuff yeah!) Internet Explorer 7’s and Media Player 11’s and overplus if you are compatibly geeky! That’s all I’ve been doing since the time I grabbed this thing, and it’s so much fun when you know you’ve a not-so-lollipop exam the next day!

Weird things turn me on!

Want it? Just shoot a mail – grainsaint at gmail dot com!

PS: The only hitch with this otherwise kick-ass piece of software is that your OS is genuine for the session in which you’ve installed it! Yeah, you’ll have to reinstall it everytime you wanna download windows software that requires validation! Though considering installtion takes less than 3 seconds and two mouse clicks, damn! it’s worth it!


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