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Kiss From A Rose…

i`ve waited for twenty years
meanwhile getting it from anybody who endears

but ofcourse, I was all inquisitive
the dawn of puberty made it my prerogative

I`d learnt its essential in lovemaking, otherwise too
why on earth then its such a taboo ?

baffled, am talking of a Kiss
best if shared with a miss

so how was the first one ?
simply put…awesome !

freebies come bundled with the software
while the lips worked, four hands indulged in some thoroughfare

naturally drawn into embrace
never had i been this close to her face

as lovemaking moved on to new heights
i got my first, what they call, lovebites

hitherto assumed have-nots
we are discovering the vulnerable spots

as was an experienced friend`s prediction
guys, its a god damn addiction

for those who think its just voyeur
rascals, i am in love with her


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Acronym For Weblog
Flush Out Your Mind Clog

Path You Can Tread
Hey Wait, That`s My Creed

If You`re Reading This At Present
Write One, No Don`t Close, And I`ll Be Your Tenant

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