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Just about 40 hrs. to majors ..and you can well notice how serious we guys are!

That`s my room ..and four budding computer engineers ..and my second love as the centre of attraction, literally!

Thanks to KD again ..for the surprise photo session ..it came out rather well!

This is life ..unedited 🙂


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Love Actually…

I wished I could have waited for some more days. But thanks to KD, I managed to grab a pic of this lovely creature, my new found love, my pussy cat!

Its been like an year now. This thing landed at my doorstep in a rather tiny, malnutritioned frame. I still remember how I used to buy this Rs.10 Mother Dairy milk to feed her, every evening. I ensured she was fed every morning she came to me by stealing some milk and bread we get for breakfast. And how she used to cuddle up to us guys in the winter cold in our rooms. And then there was this male cat, who used to constantly trouble my cute pet ..she would come to me all bruised up, and then I used to comfort her, sometimes even massaging her ailing legs! She was a sweetheart, for all fellow floormates ..and she still is. I love animals, and she`s been at the receiving end of loads of affection and pampering and care from me for the last 365 odd days.

And look at her today ..she`s a fully grown up cat ..she`s just too good looking ..and I know, she loves me so much ..so do I! I mean look at the way she`ll force open my room door, almost every evening, and jump in my lap for that customary peck on the cheek ..she`ll rub herself to me ..she is at extreme ease with my room and inside stuff ..knows where the bed is obviously ..makes herself cozy with my rolled quilts. Licks herself when adjusted for the daily drycleaning process. When its time for me to go to bed, she`ll make space for me ..wait for me to settle down ..and then tries to sneek in as close as possible. Ain`t she lovely guys? 🙂

Basically, this cat is a terrific replacement for a girl in my life. I mean I know she`s a female. She`s gorgeous as well. She meows as if confessing love everytime. She perfectly well understands that I value her company. She`ll proudly take all the adulation that comes her way from my peers. She has attitude ..you try to fiddle with her, and poof! she`ll warn you with her lethal claws. I know where her G-spot is ..right under her neck ..and so I can give her orgasmic delights at free will ..no strings attached 😀

Its just wow! C`mon people ..get a life ..get a pet 😀

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Hibernating Me!

Its that time of the year ..again!

End semester exams aka majors scheduled from early next week ..7 days, 5 papers, 2 hours each.

Just as I was over the desperation blues, the itinerary was out. Not much time left ..gotta study ..bye bye blogging for some time ..though I`ll be available for replying to your comments 😀

BTW, any takers for Neal ‘N’ Nikki`s soundtrack? ..Upcoming Yash Raj production, youthful mush, can be tried 🙂

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I`m no recluse ..I don`t know what it means to be an introvert ..I`m not used to solitary confinement in my small room blandly staring into the computer screen ..but I`m feeling so god-damn lonely today 😦

I can think of absolutely nothing to occupy myself ..the PC no more enthralls me ..no songs, videos, movies to watch ..those GB`s of enter/edu-tainment stuff seem so useless on my hard disk ..nobody to talk to on Y! messenger ..don`t feel like studying either, the sight of those bulky texts makes me sick ..and everybody around is god-damn busy ..playing those impossibly crappy LAN games ..or scanning photographs ..or may be out for dinner ..some are on phone ..seniors are studying hard for this MBA entrance exam next sunday ..juniors are busy practising for the Hindi play tomorrow ..my neighbouring rooms are so hollow empty ..the tubelight in the balcony outside can`t be switched on ..attracts shitloads of insects right to my doorstep ..life seems so dark ..its over with my girlfriend as well ..I can drown myself in certain desperation thinking of the great times we had together ..her pic is all I`ve left with me ..nobody to love ..all female friends seem so busy ..don`t have enough balance in my cellphone to make calls to anybody ..my leg muscles ache from cramps, courtesy jogging in overdrive this evening ..I need a haircut and a close shave ..those bloody overgrown hair irritate a lot ..the mosquitoes continue to torture, that costly repellant humiliated and brought to its knees ..I can hear wedding bands and “baraats” dancing on the streets, but I`m not invited anywhere ..my mouse`s left-click doesn`t click 😦

Man is a social being ..it craves for company ..why the fuck do we need this technology for? Why don`t people communicate? Why is everybody so engrossed in their own material lives? Where is the fun? Why do I feel stressed out? And why on earth am I making you jerk your head off reading this bullshit?

Huh! Life sucks! Bigtime!

I`m waiting for the sun to rise tomorrow 😦

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Power Dressing!

I`ll safely presume you all have sufficiently good experience of shopping for your wardrobe. I mean obviously since childhood we were ferried to those stores, our parents would select the best kidzy garments for us, we were made to try them on, then turn around uncomfortable with embarrasment in all possible directions, often we would not get to appreciate what was superficially wrapped on to our tiny structures, till things were mutually agreed upon by my folks and you were back home, eager to adorn the stuff chosen after such deliberation. Anyway, I`m not reminiscing of those childhood days! The point I want to make is that I`ve tried and tested and am now a firm believer in the shopping skills of women!

Yeah ..I can say for sure that my Dad was always least interested in the design, color or brand of what my Mom used to scrutinize with the sharp, attentive eyes of an eagle. I mean Mummy always knew what would look best on her boy`s frame, and her unquestionable perfection at dressing me up has only improved over years. Blessed as I am to have a sister as well, she`s inherited the talent from her mother, precisely accurate in that regard! I`ve always been amazed at their near perfect recognition of the kind of stuff that should suit me up well. I`m sure I would never, but ma had exact ideas of what hues and shades of shirts I`ve accumulated in my wardrobe, and hence what color of trousers would go well together! And when they are both shopping for me, I`m bound to be complexed and overwhelmed at the same time! Guess I`m reduced to no more than an emotionless mannequin on whom they mercilessly try all available shades, obliviant of the frustrated store keeper! But, everything they choose, turns out to be a certain hit with me 🙂

As much as, I`ve lately resigned to my relatively poorer shopping skills and I exclusively shop with mom and sis, independently though! That way, I can exercise some of my own choices as well! By the way, its not just me, mom still shops for daddy as well!

I hope my better half would be similarily equipped to attend to my dressing issues ..not that I can`t handle the wardrobe department, but for the fact that some things are better left for the ladies to take care of! You can`t match up to them, always 😀

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Forever Young…

I`m not 60 yet .. nor is this a peek into the child that`s perhaps alive in the old. Its about the latent youth and its amusive instincts, something that we of the 18-25 age group people [uncertainities of +-2 are allowed], are perhaps obliviant of in our socio-physical existence.

Have you ever noticed the child in you ..those occasional moments of exuberance and spirit that seem to spring up at times, making yourself aware of how surprisingly kiddish you can be! Ever caught yourself unaware of dancing for no obvious reasons in solitude, in the rain or in the street, making all sorts of weird faces in your bathroom mirror, or perhaps speaking in those short, sharply toned squeaks in conversation for some special sound effects! I`ve religiously observed this kid most prominently in young parents ..those 25 odd year olds, excited by the births of their new-borns, form the perfect specimens of such funny incidents. They`ll stretch and skew and deform or make stupid frowning faces just for the pleasure of watching the baby giggle!

It does get socially embarrasing sometimes if you are on the ill-fated side while performing certain weirdos. Like I remember this hugely recurring category of incidents in the hostel – mischievious as we guys are, often some seedha-saadha guy is held up as the day`s scapegoat, troubled with shitloads of hullabaloo, leading to a fake bashing up process ..which often culminates in people locked up in all sorts of compromising positions! Riding, as the yankees have termed it!

Loads of other such related incidents, that make you feel positive about yourself, your ebullient youth and the affirmation of that vibrant side of yours truly. Just when you are feeling down and out, and something like this creeps up from nowhere ..makes me so excited about the hope that life carries in disguised forms. Somehow I feel I will always like to have this belligerent rioting me going. Age should not ebb the charge of youth reduced to zilch.

Forever Young, I wish to be!

By the way, here`s an amazing instrumental by Yanni titled “Nightingale”. Do check it out!

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Clock Games

I`m sure everyone of you reading this has made this observation sometime in your daily life – the hugely commonplace practice of advancing watches by few minutes. I don`t do it ..and perhaps never realised the reasons why others should not be keeping the correct time as well.

Its kind of weird – you keep a watch, decide the needles should be displaced with respect to earth`s rotation, and then when you need to know the right time, you almost invariably have to carry out some arithematic operations, which can obviously be avoided!

I don`t see the point actually ..some say it helps them keep a tab on their activities ..they can manage things well if the clock runs faster ..in the sense you always know [again with unnecessary calculations] that you`ve got some x minutes left to finish up with something ..its surprising as to the kick it gives some people to sync their activities in accordance with the faster clock ..its the feeling, as they say, that yes! I`ve been able to wrap this up in time ..thanks to the 5 minutes faster my watch is!

Now this is freaky ..I mean those x minutes shall always remain x ..and if you have the same time to do something, why on earth should you falsely convince yourself of having achieved great success before time while actually you are done in just the right ceiling of time! If one has to actually wake up at 7 am with a watch running faster by 10 minutes, he would set the alarm at 7:10 am ..which is a pretty out-of-place figure in itself ..I mean the whole symmetry of life seems to be lost if I don`t get the minute count absolutely correct! Now I would freak out if every morning when I wake up from bed, I need to convince myself that no! its just 7 man ..cool down!

I actually questioned people of this strange habit, they have adopted themselves naively to. Most convinced me that its actually a farcical activity, with no clear motive in mind ..and perhaps no benefits achieved ..just that it needs to be done ..no questions asked, no reasons given ..just the kick to keep it ahead in time!

PS : It seems I lost my way somewhere while writing this post ..got confused about what I`d intended to write initially ..I must have invariably missed out on some important point ..it got all messed up ..anyway, I cannot debug this at 3 in the morning ..kindly bear!

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