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Event Update:

Vagina Monologues: Every person who has watched this play – man or woman, will never be the same again

Or so they say about it..

Anyone who’s around in Delhi on Thursday 8th, and heard of this controversially famous theatrical should collect passes from PlanetM outlets in South Ex/Saket/CP.

Time: 6:30 PM Place: NCUI Auditorium, Opposite Siri Fort, Khel Gaon Marg

See ya there folks!


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How disgusting can we get? Read here!

God help our dropping moral standards!

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Whew! The last post was undoubtedly the clear winner in terms of comments received vis-a-vis length of the post! It was strange how there were two critically disjoint interpretations of yours truly! Anyway, here’s an explanation from The Times Of India, carried out two days after that “objectionable” pic was published –

Bad camera angle: The photograph of Biocon chief Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw greeting Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje at the India Economic Summit in New Delhi, which appeared in this column on Wednesday, has provoked considerable comment. The agency picture, taken from an unfortunate camera angle, turned what was evidently a friendly peck on the cheek into prime-time news. We wish to clarify that we did not intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments.”

So I guess that’s pretty much the end of discussion, except the last “fat man” that I can’t help dropping here! What follows is a number of terms (totally unabridged I swear!) netizens fed to search engines that led them to my blog. Have a look –

  1. vasundhara raje + kiran majumdar + kiss
  2. vasundhara raje scindia kissing
  3. vasundhara raje kiss
  4. kiran majumdar vasundhara
  5. image of Vasundhara Raje and Kiran Mazumdar
  6. vasundhara raje a Lesbian
  7. vasundhara raje scindia kissed kiran mazumdar
  8. Vasundhara raje scindia smooching
  9. Vasundhara and Mazumdar
  10. vasundhara raje scindia is a lesbian
  11. vasundhara scindia kiss
  12. shaw+raje
  13. Vasundhara Raje greeting Kiran Mazumdar

Believe me, no one was thinking any different about this!

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For chrissake, what kind of greeting is this! Vasundhara Raje Scindia meets Kiran Mazumdar Shaw! A CM lip-locking with corporate czarina! Heck yeah, desi Madonna-Britney!

I thought kissing on the cheek was protocol, and looked decent too! But THIS is strangely obscene! Something like the initial titillation of a 50-plus lesbian porn! Yikes! I’ve been disgusted since morning, alongwith everyone else of the male fraternity on my floor who’s seen this splashed on TOI frontpage!

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It’s true
It’s out there
ravishing women
on the roads
in upmarkets
that’s not the point
the only point I mean
I wonder
where are the men
yeah, the men
the machismo breed
the chivalrous studs
the shyly disposed
or the freckled geeks
for all these refined dames
talk of the country’s skewed sex ratios
greatest bullcrap yeah
men outnumber women
across the country
but gorgeous women
far outstrip
handsome men
perhaps that’s indeed the truth!
or may be I’m plain crazy
driven insane
by singlehood
ghostly forlorn
finding none
cool with minglehood!
I hate the world
It’s generously

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Lately, alarmingly – 

  1. I’ve been hooked to Pink Floyd obsessively! And boy, they ARE the gods!
  2. I’m reading fiction, and finding it a brilliantly convincing reason to bunk lectures (few of which I attend anyway)! And I must say, Indian writing has definitely come of age, with liberal usage of the f-word in chronicling the rollicks of the average cosmopolitan Indian.
  3. Blogspotting, compulsively (OCD’ily)! And by heavens! some HAVE the natural knack for words, and style! So much to read, but countable minutes left with free internet!
  4. Feeding myself (in outrageous exclusivity) on bananas (a dozen lasting a couple of days)! And, I think I can see some positively anatomical impression of finally minding my pesky folks at home!
  5. Been keeping the unshaved retro look since the last month and plus! And I love it! All Clean is so ewww!

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An Ulcer and AIIMS!

Conceive one five-letter word that blows you out of your wits! Mine is in the title already. If you couldn`t figure it out yet, I`ve lately realised how torturous can an ulcer in your mouth get! It can be something like one and a half inches long ..sit comfortably invincible in the posterior ..send strong anguishing signals to the brain before you could part your lips and say ‘Hi’ ..leave you feeding on a diet consisting exclusively of water and milk ..and ultimately render you frail enough to catch the next train home cuz all you had in terms of calorie count were few packets of flavoured Mother Dairy milk and that occasional Nestle curd for 72 plus hours straight! Lucky me to have been born to a doctor or I would have been spending more time on a hospital bed!

Which reminds me of this visit I had to make to the country`s best hospital, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Why did this guy have to sprain his ankle to degrees that required an X-ray to be taken? Anyway, the point is, I had a first hand rendezvous with the medical facilities open to general public in the nation`s supposed best. I wish I wouldn`t have gone ..and not seen probably the most sickening sights ever! I haven`t seen so much blood all my life. Why should the X-ray machine be kept in emergency? While we slowly waded through the protocol stages of a medical examination, I witnessed lots of bloodstained people being hurriedly carried in on stretchers, torsos writhing in pain, policemen taking statements and our pinna`s caught all sorts of disturbing screams! The way those doctors on duty deal with mutilated frames strewn all over with dark red fluid is laudable. I mean I actually felt sick for all the three hours we stayed in the emergency, and there were these uniformly clad bunch of people in definitely the noblest profession on earth. These guys save lives. We do nothing! There was so much suffering around us. Fortunately we were treated with far lesser disdain than the rest of the lot! All in all, an experience worth a mention on my blog. I dare not disgust readers by any sort of graphical narration inside the emergency room, but I need to say that the visit kinda made me sad at the state of healthcare in this country of billions!

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