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A previous post of mine stressed that I`m normally not frustrated by things around. However, this doesn`t seem to be one of those sunny days. Cuz I`ve been intimated abhi-abhi that I`m being outrightly denied the chance to do my 3rd year [compulsary] training abroad !

I guess thats reason enough to bang my head against the falling walls of my room. I mean what the hell : in the fourty-four odd years of its existence, never have IIT`ians been denied this privilege [ok, i`ll admit..its kind of a paid vacation, probably spent touring the ultra beautiful European cities !!]. And why did they make us Computer Scientists the scapegoats – simply because the Dean is a Professor of our Dept. And how nicely he put forth his point – we have freed you students of the drudgery and hard work of applying to Universities, research labs etc. abroad !!!

Wow, the maximum I can expect now is to try vacationing in Bangalore : screwing up things while I work in the day, and chill out in pubs, beer bars, discs, dance bars/strip clubs [hoping they haven`t been wiped out like Mumbai] etc. Well thats okay, but doesn`t really match the fun and grandeur of a foreign holiday : I mean what do you guys want..you want me to work..c`mon yaar, its summer [and vacation time] of `06, and I want to chillax..as if they don`t already screw us up when @ home [akka IIT]..moreover, what`s my fault if the bloody firangis don`t give us the kind of work suitable for IIT`ians..I didn`t ask for it in the application Sir Ji !

Oh by the way, its worth a mention here that starting our batch, the Industrial Trips [those Goa via Bangalore, Pune journeys, again, and perhaps the best time a batch had together] have been scrapped too !! Great, take away all the fucking little fun left in my life..way to go, IIT – The Famed Gurukul :o:o:o

Anyway, the ignited minds around have unanimously planned to tour Goa this winter..and we intend to have all the imaginable fun in this Goan adventure :D:D:D

Frust..who me ??? Not anymore, see you in Goa this December 😀


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The Way You Do It ?

Okay, most of you reading this one probably are into [more sensible] blogging yourself : so this question propped up while I was wasting away as usual – how do others post on their blogs ? I mean I can think of not more than three probable ways to go about it :

  • you hit upon this idea or a thought, race off to create a new post, wrap it up without break and voila, its done !
  • okay, you`ve the context, you take your own sweet time pondering over it, a hard copy is kept at bay, its being edited often, and finally its copy-typed-formatted to the blog.
  • am not very sure of the popularity of the third – its rather a hybrid : you just can`t wait to convert thoughts to words, and so the post is up in impulse. However, upon later thought process, the post is edited in variable degrees.

So, may be you could let me know if you bloggers fall into any of these categories or if you practise your own unique way.

PS : I`ve lately progressed to the first method from the second.

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The clock struck 12..and suddenly I was 21..should have been just another day..but for some real nice souls around, I`ve had, undoubtedly, the best Birthday in these twenty one eventful years of life 🙂

Till latest count, more than fifty birthday wishes on the phone, over twenty e-cards on mail, three greeting cards [real cute ones], some forty odd scraps on orkut and all those hugs, handshakes and kisses – phenomenal by my standards. I`m not saying these are impossible figures – just that they mean a lot to me 🙂

And now off to all those who took those pains, who cared to remember the day, who knew I love chocolates and specially the ones who went overboard in wishing me for the occasion – thanks a million to all you family, friends, seniors, juniors and everybody else : thanks for making this a memorable day, for making every moment enjoyable, something that will be etched as a wonderful memory. A special thanks to those who can`t buy time to keep in touch regularly, but make sure they remember me for this one day every year.

Its a great feeling, to know you are loved, respected and cared for : to know you have this huge social circle – the people who`ll always matter the most to you, who`ve been with you at all times, with whom you`ve shared the tears and jokes alike : to know there are people who look up to you – my folks at home who`ve showered me with the best of everything 🙂

Might sound kiddish to some, but yeah I`d wet eyes while I wrote this 🙂

Finally I`d like to thank all the people who`ve been associated with me all this time, who`ve been my best pals and critics, who think am worthy of their courtship.

I wish to continue being the same Nitin, if not getting better (!!!), do more good and making this life a memorable one 🙂


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Frust Kyun !!!

Off late, I`ve seen people [whom I know well] in terrific fits of frustration/desperation, and making declarations of the same, dil se . Disturbing as it is to me, I tried to figure out why`s everybody`s life so screwed up lately and in the process, ended up pitching in with my own fundas about the same 😉

Almost everyone seems commonly frustrated by academics : the gruelling, barbaric, insensitive academic system @ our hallowed IIT doesn`t seem very acceptable to the student community. I mean why the fuck should I do courses that hardly touch fundamentals of Computer Science : what on earth does Basic/Engineering Arts and Sciences got to do with a software engineer ? Even in the department courses, why don`t they teach you things in sync with the industry : coding, coding and more coding – i`m sure the perpetrators of this curriculum of ours know well that there are hardly any programming jobs on offer these days ! Don`t they fucking realise this lack of practical knowledge and lesser hands-on training have since ages denied the IIT`s top honours among other engineering schools. And how bloody insensitive – one of our “Assistant Professors” clearly says on his webpage he won`t extend deadlines until you have a broken wrist as a minimal reason !!! And why should we be the first receipents of this god-damn decision of the policy-makers to deny foreign training to CS students in Universities !

Most people seem ultimately frustrated by what others speak of them, behind their back, and at all the wrong places, and to all the wrong audience. More disturbing when you learn something highly illuminating about yourself from somebody else – and ofcourse, this speaker normally has his own decorative texts superimposed to the original manuscript ! Well said – “opinion is a common commodity : every asshole`s got one”. Now I don`t say its bad to have an opinion – but its bullshit to have it imposed on people who don`t necessarily agree with you : and why do they need to justify their words everytime they speak foul of someone. Oh c`mon people, I`m not the same nitin to every single homosapien i`ve ever met..and I guess for good reasons..if you can`t handle one aspect of me, why not look for the rest of me..nobody`s 100% treacherous after all..God must have infused some good in everyone I guess ! Why not look for it and spare yourself the troubles of any kinda gossip-mongering puh lees !

But I can`t do without the mention of what surely pisses me off, even after i`ve just finished making out with my girlfriend – the highly ill-equipped engineers in-the-making. I mean how come people in hostel don`t have a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, a broom, a water bottle, mobile charger, ek ‘ganda kapda’, WindowsXP cd etcetera. Whew ! and why on earth should I have every fucking little thing these budding technocrats might just need ? I hate people who come to see me just because they need to drink water..am I the fucking water cooler of the floor ? Okay, I don`t really mind helping people now n then, but why do they have to fiddle around with my stuff and degrade it somehow and almost everytime they tend to forget they have been obliged by some friend, not given the perennial custody of my things !!! Not everything “chalta hai” guys.

Thankfully, such extended frustration bouts don`t normally haunt me..or rather, I`ve ways to get over desperation before it takes me over. Just to make a point, this post has been written in a completely non-frustrated state of mind !

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