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  1. Childhood is short ..and maturity is forever
  2. Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around
  3. It’s only work if somebody makes you do it
  4. Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us
  5. Genius is never understood in its own time
  6. Give before it hurts
  7. All my real skills are undervalued
  8. Everybody’s a slave to routine
  9. They say winning isn’t everything and I’ve decided to take their word for it
  10. I don’t need to compromise my principles, because they don’t have the slightest bearing on what happens to me anyway
  11. I’ve got more brains than I know what to do with them
  12. Why waste time learning when ignorance is instantaneous
  13. How do ugly things like octopuses and hairy bugs reproduce? Are they actually attracted to each other?
  14. What’s a pronoun? A noun that lost its amateur status
  15. We should take pride in our mediocrity
  16. I’m related to people I don’t relate to
  17. I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information
  18. Childhood is for spoiling adulthood
  19. Life is full of surprises, but never when you need one
  20. Reality continues to ruin my life
  21. I don’t take chances with a product that prints the date you might expire
  22. A good compromise leaves everybody mad
  23. What’s the point of trying if you can’t be a winner?
  24. I’m interested in things that are none of my business, and I’m bored of things that are important to know
  25. The only skills I have the patience to learn are those that have no real application in life
  26. I’m a misunderstood genius
  27. The more you know, the harder it is to take decisive action
  28. Knowledge is paralysing
  29. Life could be a lot better, but worse is more likely

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“That’s one of the remarkable things of life – it’s never so bad that it can’t get worse.”

-Calvin, stuck in a helium balloon, a mile over a city

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The best of Calvin and Hobbes ’87 – brought to you exclusively on eyethink (click on the picture for a better read)!

All right, this post entailed some hard work. Dare anyone slam any copyright issues on me!

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