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I`m Being Stalked !!!

Huh!!! I mean what the hell is going on..guess I`ve had enough..it has continued for some two days now. I`m at the receiving end of this endless flurry of missed calls, somewhere from Hyderabad, AP. Gosh, this is sick! How come he/ [though I hope]she has such vella time. This person doesn`t give a damn to my sleeping hours [they being exceedingly abnormal, I agree!]. And not one but two phone numbers, both from the same geographical area [I googled that out :D]. Now to the best part – my [supposed] fan is a regular visitor to my blog and website. Now I can understand the purpose of frequenting the blog [its updated] but why on earth to the webpage [its irritatingly static]. Moreover, this guy seems to be obsessed with my photo album [courtesy the installed tracking code].

So Mr./Miss./Mrs./whatever, I know you are reading this. Hence, you are kindly requested not to remain anonymous any further. Just to let you know, I`ve placed my cellphone close to my monitor, that starts flickering when a call is to be connected. You probably know I`ve picked you up 7-8 times already. And I guess it`s far too costly calling from 9848743290 as compard to 040-23757166! Don`t you think its worth talking for a minute rather..I`m pretty much the same as visible in the pics 😀

Kindly discontinue bugging me unreasonably, for it somehow struck me that we have strict cyber laws in India, and I have your IP locked [, Satyam Infoway Pvt. Ltd.] 😀


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