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I know its a bad word but I just couldn`t resist writing about mine. However weird that might sound to all you enlightened souls, but I`ve this undefined, unreasonable, ignorant love for Nestle Polo.

Yeah, I just can`t do without that 10 cm, perfect cylindrical pack wrapped in hues of white and green. Even a non-deliberate glance at the mint-with-the-hole seems to freshen me up and enliven my spirits. I know I`m addicted – I`m inadvertently chewing one when am consciously into something, I somehow just don`t feel when it got in, when all the peppermint melted away to the shallow dungeons of the stomach, obliging my taste buds with that icey, sugary coolness and lending me that enviable, perfect kissable breath!

I do feel its absence though : my conscience keeps pinching me all the time, “get up fucker, you are losing on something, you cannot work without it!”. Sometimes I do feel that`s true – if you`ve noticed, when people think, they normally tend to involve themselves in some kind of uncommon activity, say for eg. biting their fingernails or the pen or scratching their heads. I guess when I`m engrossed in some serious thought, I tend to channelize all my worries through that candy being roughed up against those 32 diamond-like stones and those waves of saliva on the tongue bed. Again, I don`t normally feel it but it seems a perfect plausible argument to accentuate my thinking prowess!

If the gravity of this lust hasn`t still dawned to you, then you can confront me anytime and check if I`m carrying this addiction on my shoulders [its normally placed safely in my bag]. And for the one who seems to have realised this first hand, aka my Doctor Daddy, he has this fearsome medical advice for his uncompromising son – “beta itna peppermint khaoge to mouth cancer ho jayega” !!

Naturally enough, I`m trying so damn hard to cut down on my Polo bills..not much success achieved as of yet though!

Anyway, that`s of my arbitrary timepaas. I guess each one of you does have something better if not equally weird, to bank upon while jerking your knees [:P] or may be some genuine stuff/activity you can`t jerk off your mortal existence.


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Tagged !!!

The baton has been passed on to me..here`s my response in the continuation of the tag –

  • 5 years ago : I was 16, the JEE mania had got me over, I was on the road to spoil probably the best days @ school with Resnick & Halliday/ Morrison Boyd, I`d made a terrible mistake selling my Biology texts, I was suddenly serious about life and I didn`t have a fucking hint this girl would propose this Valentine !
  • 1 year ago : I was extremely busy “interacting” with freshers in the midst of the most taxing semester I`ll ever have [guess what, I screwed up..and so fucking badly], things had started looking good on the love front, I was devouring every vestige outta the vast reserves of DC++ with the newly acquired PC and kiddo had arrived 😛
  • 5 English songs I knew all the words to :
  1. Escape – Enrique
  2. Summer Of `69 – Bryan Adams
  3. American Pie – Madonna
  4. Stacy`s Mom – Fountains Of Wayne
  5. Powerless – Nelly Furtado

God.. I realise I actually knew lots more !!

  • 5 snacks I enjoy : Paav Bhaji, Raj Kachori, Paneer Pakodas, Pizzas and Grill Sandwiches.
  • Things I`d do with $100 million : Buy a Merc, own a Yacht, a private Jet, a dog farm, tour Europe, get my IIT degree faked, a Sony Vaio, an Xbox/PSP, devour all kinda sweets, snacks, delicacies, exotic food etc. and later register for a monthly medical checkup @ John Hopkins !
  • 5 places I would run away to : Kerala, France, Home, African Safari and agar time mila to someday I`d come back to IIT-D too 🙂
  • 5 things I would never wear : torn jeans, indigenous sweaters, boxer shorts, that school waala trouser and tiepins.
  • 5 greatest joys :
  1. Qualifying JEE
  2. Her Love
  3. Success/Adulation
  4. Helping Selflessly and Success in bringing smiles.
  5. Making My Folks Proud
  • 5 Favourite Toys : My PC, mobile, my pet, Mr. Dick and kids.

Huh..that was tough but actually led to loads of soul-searching. Thanks to Anjul -> Taru.

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