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Rendezvous `05 is turning out to be an unexpected success [till latest news]. If Thitholi had some new promising faces this time, the famous Ashok Chakradhar lent a professional backdrop to the whole event. I`ve now become a dedicated fan of “Popular Meeruti” – this guy has an amazing sense of humour coupled with his excuisite style of delivery [Keshto Mukherjee kinda drunken stupor] making him a perfect hasya kavi.

I`d more fun later in the night as I watched this runaway hit movie, “Catch Me If You Can”. Whew ! Just how well these Hollywood directors make movies based on real life incidents. As for the icing on the cake, I was hooked up on chat with this li`l funny, interesting, deep, sensitive gal till 5 in the morning !!!

Day two and I was off for the carrom event. Won all the way to finals and lost by one point there !! Anyway, six hundred bucks for my favourite timepaas, is… priceless 🙂 Rendezvous mein dawaa-daroo ka intezaam ho gaya !

Next to come was the Pronite..Indian Ocean is a great band..they play great music..and they sing brilliantly..however, that`s not why those thousand odd people sweat it out in the long queues and jostle for space once inside the Open Air Theatre..they crave for some foot-tapping and groovy numbers, to get them jiving and put on their dance shoes. That`s where the Tantrikz excel..these guys somehow sense the nerves of the impatient crowd, and hence always score well when it comes to audience satisfaction. Their repetitive, plagiarised song-playing notwithstanding, they were able to keep the crowd on their toes for some two odd hours. Guess I almost fainted yesterday, throwing my body away as they sang, with just a maggi for a meal in the past 24 hours !!! And those truck-loads of firecrackers formed the perfect grand-finale to the star-studded event [the organisers have made sure they infuse enough jwala into the fest] !

By 11 pm, we were at Comesum, that 24 hour restaurant at Nizamuddin railway Station [never knew that`s a fav hangout for the IITians, till I saw many there]… found the Tantrikz relaxing after the performance there…gormandized heavily… on the way back, the auto broke down in the heavy, untimely rains [and I was already drowsing]…back in the hostel by 2 am…found the room drenched up courtesy an open window…brushed and off to bed !!

Day three and no respite from the rain till I`m writing this. I fear a dry day if sky doesn`t clear out soon.

More…in the next.


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