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Rendezvous Ahoy !

The dragon is back..the [supposed] mother of all North-Indian cultural festivals shall soon [hopefully, Jai Jwala Ki !!] rock the IIT campus. However, having witnessed two instances of it, somehow I no more feel the zeal, the titillation associated with those four days of a completely different IIT campus, the excitement of watching that hep DU crowd and ofcourse the envy [or salivation] of aping their coveted lifestyles !

I remember the first time I`d a rendezvous with Rendezvous – I felt like a caged dog un-leashed, I could roam around at free will [which ofcourse I could anytime, but this was different], I swear there never was such eye-candy stuff available in bulk, I enjoyed every moment of being a security volunteer [:D often found myself confronting hot females requesting to get in..God, how well they do it, and how seductively they decreased distances while speaking..I`d a hard time restraining myself !!], everything was like so grand that the innocent, vulnerable boy I was, it completely overwhelmed me.

No more..I don`t know why, how etc..but it just doesn`t anymore feel the same..I don`t wish to indulge in any kind of eye-popping [those hot chicks notwithstanding!!], no more frolicking around with guys at night hoping to catch a glimpse of a couple or two getting cosy, no more arbit straying around in the day with no specific event to watch, no more than 2-3 events to attend this time over..Huh !!! Nothing..Naught !!

God, what`s up with me ? Please, I`m not aging ! Maturity, is it ? Perhaps yes..I probably now understand the futility of bird-watching [most are unavailable], I know we don`t have socials in our hostel and hence no prior partner for RDX and more, I know she`s sitting for her exams and we can`t help it, I know our very own girls here won`t agree to come over to Nescafe for a casual chat over Maggi and Frappe, I know the ones who can are extremely busy, I know they blabber the same old jokes in thitholi, its the same painstakingly slow Kaleidoscope [they anyway disqualify the leggie beauties in prelims !!], the posters, however classy, just don`t appeal to me, rock was never my cup of tea and waise bhi, ye freshers ke masti maarne ka time hai yaar !!!!!!!!

I know I sound immensely boring and dried up..but thats how it is till this hour..I`ve no hale expectations from this or any further Rendezvous..by the way, I guess this is okay..I know my seniors were equally disconcerted about it when I was a fresher..Huh..thank God, sab normal hai !!! Nay, the youth still remains, the version has scaled..aspirations have changed..I`ve changed..I`m still vital and potent..but I`m no more a teen..I`m 21 ! Guess its time for some..difference.


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